Every voter, at some point or another, has rolled their eyes at rhetoric-based campaign promises from candidates. Sometimes their only intention is to rally up base voters despite the truth of their premise, and sometimes their promises aren’t realistic. And the pain that comes from having to break a campaign promise – such as never raising property taxes – can easily become all too real.

So, in efforts to change how citizens view campaign promises, Dan has made six campaign promises that he can and will actually keep if elected to our 15th House District in Raleigh. Dan is also the first candidate in his race to make realistic campaign promises and he asks you, the voter, to give him a chance to carry them out!


Keep the People before the Party

“We’re at a point today in politics where political parties ignore checks-and-balances to gain power, supporting candidates who are willing to vote for or against their checklists that usually comes from out of state. I oppose such a system. 


If elected, I would represent everyone in my District no matter their political affiliation. My job would be to represent all of my community in Raleigh, not just those who agree with me. “


Fight to protect our coastal business & families

“Onslow would not be what it is today without our beaches and fishery businesses. Most of my childhood memories are from floating on the waves at North Topsail and shrimping with family. 


From chemical dumping to off-shore oil drilling: I promise to fight any effort that endangers our coasts and fishery industry. “


Fight to end our opioid epidemic

“Our addiction and mental health crises can no longer be brushed under the rug by stagnant politicians in Raleigh. 


I promise to work with whoever I can to bring addiction and mental health treatment to my District and others across our State.”


Improve constituent services

“Elected officials should be more present in our community, and not just when it’s time for them to be re-elected. They should be with the community, doing the work with them. They should also be held accountable for the work we elect them to do. 


If elected, I promise to improve constituent services. I want to hold monthly or quarterly town hall meetings where the District can meet with me, learn what’s happening in Raleigh, and share their ideas and thoughts. I will also find ways to improve citizen access to our government.”


Be an example of bipartisan teamwork

“Republicans, Democrats, independents – there’s one thing that we all share: a desire bipartisan teamwork. The majority of voters are done with finger-pointing partisan antics in Raleigh. 


If elected, I promise to work with whoever I can – despite their party affiliation, if any – to solve the real issues we face today. I’ve always said I’d work with whoever is willing to sit down at the same table, break bread, roll up their sleeves, and meet half way.”


Treat others how I’d want to be treated

“One of the things that’s been lost in politics is human connection. Some politicians get elected and forget where they came from and get infected with positions of power. 


If elected, I promise to treat others with kindness and love, seeking God’s face in everyone – even those who oppose me. I promise to remember where I came from; to stay open-minded and willing to hear different points of view with my head, heart, and spirit, and to represent my community with this mindset in Raleigh.”

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