“It’s not about your mistakes or victories.

It’s what you choose to do with them that matters the most.”


Dan is the progressive candidate running for the 15th District of the NC House of Representatives. 

Born and raised in Jacksonville, NC, Dan has been a part of this community all his life. Dan attended Dixon and Southwest public schools, and recently graduated with his Bachelors of Arts degree in Behavioral Sciences, with a focus on Public Policy & Administration. 


“I grew up in a humble family, we certainly weren’t rich. Despite things I experienced growing up as a child, it was my family that taught me to be independent and responsible for myself. That, along with my strong faith in God, allowed me to make mistakes in life so that I could become a better, stronger person. It is that faith, patriotism, and strength that fuels my work in our community and my passion to give back through public service by representing everyone in Raleigh.” 

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Dan believes in the protection of our freedoms of speech, from and of religion, and of association. Dan will fight for our right to privacy, the rights of the accused, and the right of all citizens to vote. Dan believes in freedom as a defense of our basic constitutional rights and civil liberties.


Dan believes in a community where hard work is rewarded, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to be independently successful in achieving the American dream. Dan will fight for a level playing field that will nurture individual, academic, business, and economic successes. 


Dan believes in policies that make our communities safe with a high quality of life. Dan believes that every hardworking American should earn a decent living, afford high-quality health care, get a great education for their children, and retire with security.


Dan was baptized at an early age as a Christian and was raised to believe that we are all called to treat each other as we’d want to be treated ourselves, to use our blessings to help others, and to share the message of hope, love, and forgiveness with all. Dan believes there is a difference between faith and religion, and while he believes in the separation of church and state, he also calls upon his personal journey of faith each day to help others battling addiction, suicide, or other battles of life.


Dan believes that you cannot legislate faith or religion, nor can you impose personal beliefs onto the masses. However, Dan also believes that we can call upon a healthy balance of our common sense, Human compassion, and sense of togetherness to affect real change in our community and state.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Dan believes that it is cheaper to prevent crises than it is to treat them. It is often the case where politicians let problems happen – and keeps them unsolved – in efforts to use them to spur their base voters. Dan feels that this method of policymaking is not only irresponsible but an offense to the use of our hard-earned tax dollars. Dan believes in working with the people and all stakeholders – regardless of party affiliation – to learn about barriers, the root causes of those barriers, and to forge realistic, workable solutions.

Financial Responsibility 

Along with working hard for what you want in life, Dan was taught the importance of both saving your money and spending it wisely, as well as when to say, “No.” Dan was the only high school sophomore with a checkbook at the lunch line. Dan also experienced a period of homelessness where $1.00 was as valuable as $100. Dan is a hawk on corrupt and wasteful spending and advocating for programs and resources that empower individual successes rather than those that enable dependence. His core philosophy is: “Fix what’s broken, build on what works, and include the people along the way.”

Working hard for what you want

Dan believes in working hard for what you get in life, and protecting what you earn. Dan’s grandfather served our county in the US Air Force, Army, and the National Security Agency, and his father served in the US Army. His family taught him how hard work and doing things right the first time is the best way to learning, growing, and being successful. Dan’s family has also been a direct source of his passion for advocating for our Veterans, especially those with addiction or mental health challenges.

Dan’s Inspiration

One of Dan’s biggest inspirations is the late president John F. Kennedy. Our politicians today have a checklist (that’s usually from out-of-state influences) and each one of them checks only the boxes that their party tells them to check. Dan sees JFK as a wise, articulate, rational President that was not tied to a particular checklist of answers.


JFK was strong but sensitive; a thinker with a long term vision but residing in the real world with it’s limits and flaws. Dan shares these views and believes it is far more important to follow your own common sense, faith, and heart than a partisan or special interest’s checklist.


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Can Dan read your question on a Facebook LIVE Q&A?

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